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glass butt plugs

What are butt plugs for and how should you use them?

Did you know that your back door is packed full of sensitive nerve endings? People that have experience with anal plugs, or “butt plugs”, know this very well.   

Taking advantage of one of your body’s most erogenous zones is easy to do with a little help from hand dandy butt plugs. So here are the ins and outs! What are butt plugs for? We are about to fill you in, plus, how you can use them correctly.  

What are butt plugs for? Two main reasons: 

1. Discovering hidden erogenous zones  

The body has many erogenous zones, and one of them is located in a rather hard to reach place, but that hasn’t stopped humankind from discovering it! Anal play has been around since the beginning of time and has only become taboo thanks to certain cultural norms that became mainstream.  

So many people don’t even realize that by not exploring their behinds, they are missing out on some major pleasure.  

Anal beads can help people less experienced people, start out slow and safe, while still experiencing intense and sex-life-changing pleasure. Even men of all sexual orientations can have pleasure and orgasms from playing with butt plugs, either alone or with a partner, thanks to the prostate. 

Both men and women can discover new forms of pleasure with anal toys like butt plugs, anal beads, and dildos. 

Sex professionals suggest trying this tip: Insert an anal plug before foreplay begins, and when you are about to orgasm, either you or your partner, slowly pull the toy out of your anus, for maximum pleasure. 


2. Opening the door (back door) for anal sex 

Once people get some experience and are well versed in the art of anal pleasure, then they can start using anal beads and butt plugs for another reason.  


And that’s as a warm-up before anal sex. You can find butt plugs in all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some people will need larger plugs whiles others require small less, in order to avoid pain, discomfort, or tearing of the sensitive anal skin. 


Anal sex is safe and sanitary if done correctly. And most people, in order to enjoy anal sex safely, will need a warm-up before the real action starts. This is because the anus is a muscle that can contract quickly with force, and unless it’s loosened up, an object entering it can feel a bit painful.  


But when relaxed and ready for intercourse, the anus can easily handle the size of most commonly used anal toys like butt plugs and anal beads.  


Tip: for all those beginners out there, that are still learning what are butt plugs for, you most likely should start out with your fingers or a single finger, even before you introduce any toys.  


How To Use a Butt Plug? 

Ready to start experimenting with anal play? Here’s how you can get started off on the right foot. Being prepared and having the correct tools and toys in hand and ready to use can help in big ways!  


Lube things up 

Lube is super important for any play. Using anal beads without proper lubrication back there, even for experienced people, can tear delicate skin. So, you’ll want to have lube on hand. If your anal beads are made of plastic, then you’ll want to choose water or oil-based lube.  


Choose a butt plug 

Choosing a butt plug that works for you is important. Always start out small and move up as you become more experienced. Most anal plugs will have a string or a handle positioned at the outer end of the toy, which is to be used as a handle to ensure that no objects get lost in the body.   


Remember hygiene  

In order to avoid any infections and to keep things clean, it's important to remember a few key rules: Always clean your toys, hands, and body after anal sex. This is because the anus has bacteria in it that should not be transferred to other parts of the body like the mouth or eyes.  



What are butt plugs has not only one answer. It is a sex toy that can be used in many ways. They can be used for exploration of pleasure, or for simply giving your backside a warm-up before things goes all the way. Anyone and everyone can enjoy anal sex and anal play when done correctly and when equip with the right tools, like lube, condoms, and adult toys like anal plugs or beads. 

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