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Petite Real sex doll Real Doll

Meet Natalie Petite


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The perfect girl comes in all sizes. With Petite RealDoll, you can finally capture the flawless look of your fantasy petite companion into your own erotic love doll for sex. Make her into your ideal size by selecting from slimmer waist and hip proportions ranging from itsy-bitsy to ultra-customized dreamlike dimensions.
Petite real doll sex doll

  • She can speak to you!
  • Her eyes can move and blink.
  • Her head can turn left, right, up, and down. 
  • She can be positioned and moved into hundreds of positions.
  • Customizable AI software allows you to create unique personalities and control her voice
  • Her gorgeous-looking mouth has lip-sync mechanisms installed to assure her lips move according to the corresponding phonemes when she speaks and allows for multiple expressions.

  • Silicone rubber skin 
  • Very long lifespan
  • No lasting odor or taste
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Low risk of tearing
  • High-quality synthetic wigs
  • Eyes handcrafted by Hollywood-based special effects artists
  • Makeup options
  • Custom Pubic Hair options
  • Add freckles to face and/or body
  • Body piercing options
  • Jaw and Neck can be loosened or tightened
  • Gel implants in the buttocks for an ultra-realistic feel 

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Real doll sex doll


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