Puritize Uvee Home Play - White


Uvee is the only sanitizing and charging storage system for adult toys.

Kills 99.9% of all germs on toys in 10 minutes or less. Scientifically tested by a master biochemist with years of experience in laboratory testing, UVees scientifically proven, patent-pending germicidal UVC light system kills up to 99% of all germs that may cause infections associated with the use of adult pleasure toys.

And its quick and easy to use! Simply wipe off the toy, place it inside the UVee chamber and close the lid. In just a few minutes devices will be clean and recharged. All it requires is access to a 110V power outlet.

The Uvee Home Play cleans, charges and stores multiple adult toys at the same time. This bedside storage container includes an auto start and stop sanitizing system with dividers to keep toys separate. It can also be used to clean cell phones or other devices that need sanitizing.

The Uvee Home Play is also a great option for in-store use to clean testers and other objects that come in contact with multiple people on a regular basis.

  • The only scientifically proven sanitizing and charging
  • system for adult toys
  • Kills up to 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and yeast that
  • may cause infections
  • Generously sized to accommodate large toys, including
  • the Magic Wand®
  • Customizable interior dividers
  • Complete sanitizing, charging and storage system
  • 3 USB charging ports plus additional access port for
  • non-USB devices to be charged by a wall outlet
  • Discreet design
  • Locks for privacy
  • 16.4” x 8.75” x 5”

What's Included:

2 UV-C Cleaning Bulbs, 3 USB Charging Ports, 1 Wall Adapter, 2 Removable Dividers, 1 Protective Bulb Tray, 1 Sanitation System, User's Manual, 1-Year Limited Warranty