Royal Intimacy XL Vegan Condoms 10pk


Perfect for those who need a bigger holster for that sword, these Extra Large Premium Condoms will have you confidently conquering the bedroom, in the most comfortable, healthy, and pleasurable way possible.

These XL condoms are completely vegan-friendly, made from natural latex, and 35% thinner with more room to breath for maximum comfort. No more tight corset around your piece!

  • Vegan: Casein Free, Odorless
  • 35% Thinner
  • Spermicide Free
  • Non-Toxic Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  • Fair Trade Natural Latex
  • FDA Cleared, 3x Tested For Safety & Reliability
  • XL Comfort Fit, Anti-Slip

Size + Dimensions:

  • Length - 205mm minimum
  • Width - 56-60mm
  • Thickness - .056mm

Ingredients: Natural latex, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Irganox-1330, Potassium Hydroxide, Zinc-N-dibutyl-dithio-carbonate, Oleic acid, Ammonia liquor, Cetodec-500, Bentinite clay, Vultamol NN 8906, U.S.P Corn Starch, Silicone, Food-grade flavor


Are Royal Condoms vegan?

Yes! Our condoms contain no casein (which other condoms do) making our condoms 100% vegan.

How safe are your condoms?

Our condoms are approved by the FDA as Class II medical devices. We work with one of the top factories in the world, which has been producing top-quality contraception for decades. When used correctly, condoms are an effective form of contraception, around 98%, and can help to reduce the risk of transmission of STIs/STDs.

Is it safe to use lube on your condoms?

Yes, but be sure that the lubricant indicates it is condom compatible. Most water based lubes are condom compatible. Our Royal Organic Lube can be used with all condoms.