Union Standard Condom - Pack Of 12


The STANDARD: Shaped to fit your body, this is a 54mm straight shaft, with a flared head for more room and sensation where you need it. It's a standard-medium made to fit most men. Ultra-thin and lightly lubricated.

Produced exclusively for UNION by of the best condom manufacturers in the world, our 100% natural latex ultra-thin condoms are vegan-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals, no spermicides, and no fragrances.

We triple test electronically for safety and performance. UNION is the new standard for pleasure.

  •   Quantity: 12 condoms
  •   Straight-shaft with a flared head
  •   Ultra-thin
  •   Lightly lubricated
  •   Made with 100% non-GMO natural latex
  •   Electronically triple-tested for safety
  •   FDA-approved
  •   Fragrance-free
  •   Spermicide-free
  •   Vegan formula
  •   FDA-approved
  •   Ingredients
    • Natural latex, cornstarch powder, premium medical-grade silicone lubricant.