Inmi Shegasm Lickgasm - Black/Pink


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Mini 10X Licking & Sucking Stimulator

Indulge in pumping, licking and vibration like never before! This mini suction toy comes with 2 different sized cups that fit either the clitoris or a nipple. The clear cup has a smooth, silicone ring that keeps the seal and pressure as it automatically suctions.

The toy also has a licking tongue and vibrates with 10 modes of licking and vibration to choose from! Fully rechargeable, it comes with a USB cable to recharge between uses.

  • Measurements:
    • Overall length: 5.7 inches
    • Tongue length: 1.4 inches
    • Small cup opening: 2 inches x 2 inches
    • Large cup opening: 2.8 inches x 2 inches
  • Materials: Silicone, ABS plastic, polycarbonate, TPE

  • Color: Black, Pink, Clear

  • Key Features:
    • Licking, Pumping and Vibrating: This unique blend of triple stimulation licks, vibrates and sucks the clitoris via the pumping-styled suction cup. Enjoy automatic suction with 10 modes of licking and vibration to choose from!
    • Silicone Ring: The silicone ring creates a tight seal where the suction can gently pump the clit and heighten the sensitivity for maximizing orgasms!
    • Clitoral and Nipple Stimulation: Comes with two different size cups for clitoral or nipple stimulation.
    • Premium Silicone and Rechargeable: This toy is made from premium, phthalate-free silicone and completely rechargeable via the USB charging cable.
  • Made from premium, phthalate-free silicone.
  • Use your favorite water-based lubricant on the rim of the cup, the licking tongue, and the erogenous zone of your choice.
  • Turn the toy on and begin to press the cup against your skin to create a seal.
  • Enjoy the gentle suction that pulls your blood towards the surface and increases sensitivity, heightening sensations and pleasure!
  • Play with the licking and vibrating settings until you find the perfect setting for you!
  • After use, wash the toy with warm water and soap then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry.