Agent Noir Neon Wand Briefcase Kit

$399.00 $299.95

Experience electrifying intrigue and mysterious midnight rendezvous with the aid of the exclusive new all-black neon wand, and a custom assembled set of accessories, all nestled securely in a silver combination lock attached case which can be secured to your person - or your valet - with the included set of black semi-gloss double locking handcuffs. Silver attached case keeps your secrets safe with this combination lock padded carrying and storage case.

Kit Includes:

  • The Neon Wand
  • The Power Tripper
  • The Comb
  • The Pinwheel
  • The Mushroom

The Electro Whip: The handle probe turns the whole body into a lightning rod, and the multi-chain flogger sends elaborate spark sensations through the tiny chain links.

The Bulb: More visually striking than seriously shocking, this spherical bulb that looks like a plasma globe is a great electrode to lead off with to set the mood for intimacy...or interrogation!

The Rolling Drum: This compact roller creates an exciting and intense prickling sensation. Roll over the body and watch the sparks fly!

The Probe: Simply drag this glass rod gently across the skin and enjoy a sensation that ranges from soft to intense.