Blush X5 Men Mamacita Latin Masturbator


Enjoy the soft and supple feel of the ultra-realistic X5 material with the Mamacita X5 masturbator. This palm-sized representational stroker is shaped to look and feel like a vagina and is ribbed internally for added stimulation.

The Mamacita is open-ended, so it's easy to clean and will fit most sizes. Incorporate into your solo sessions or partner play. To clean, wash with soap and water, pat dry, and allow to air dry. Renew the velvety, skin-like feel by dusting with a light coating of cornstarch once the product is clean and dry. Always use plenty of lube.

  • 5 Inches of Flexible Depth
  • Soft and Realistic Feel
  • Sexy Vagina Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Made from TPE. Contains no Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex