Faye Open-Ended Male Masturbator


Open-ended Thrusting Masturbator Penis Stimulator The new automatic stroker is perfect for pleasure-seekers on the go.

Faye is a light-weight, quiet and discreet penis massager carefully built with a completely different motor that moves up-down continuously, simulating intercourse or a deluxe hand-job, so you can fully indulge yourself in a distraction-free sensory experience.

Featuring a comfy design, intense stroking function, and tickling vibration, Faye brings a delicate masturbation experience unlike any other. It's fully automatic. You don't even have to use your hands.

The only thing you can do is relax and let Faye unleash all your deep desires. Slide through its firm orifice, and feel the tender textured tunnel ribbed for more exciting stimulation. Enjoy the most sensational ride of pleasure you deserve.

This new masturbator has an unconventional design with a user-friendly handle. You can easily touch the buttons to cycle through 4 thrusting patterns and 7 vibrating modes.

With caps to either end, it's a discreet companion ready to join you on erotic adventures anywhere and anytime. Waterproof IPX 6. USB rechargeable. One Year Warranty.

More Information

▷ Material: ABS+POM+TPE

▷ Size: 7.63"*4.13"*3.89"

▷ Weight: 1.04 LBS

▷ Battery Type: Li-ion Rechargeable

▷ Charging Time: 2 Hours

▷ Using Time: 1 Hour

▷ Modes: 7 Vibration Patterns + 4 Thrusting Patterns

▷ Rechargeable: USB Magnetic Charging

▷ Waterproof: IPX6