Lorelei Rotating & Thrusting Masturbator


We are proud to present to you our very own rotating automatic men's masturbator; a premium quality, rotating automatic men's masturbator. This masturbator does it all - the rotating interior will provide ten different speeds of incredible sensations and ten levels of thrusting. You can move to get just the right angle for an unbelievable finish.

This Automatic Men's Masturbator will rock your world as it rotates and massages you in all the right ways.

  • Automatic Rotation.
  • Human Voice.
  • 5 levels of speed control.
  • 10 thrusting settings.
  • Material: TPR. ABS
  • Power: USB rechargeable.
  • Dimensions: Overall Length - 11.70 inches Width - 3.53 inches
  • One Year Warranty.