Lux Active Circuit Vibrating Ring - Dark Blue


LUX Active has combined strength and vigorous action to create the strong Circuit - a vibrating cock ring that is a force to be reckoned with.

The expert ring stretches to fit securely around your body while producing insatiable vibrations for stimulation that knows no limits.

Enjoy up to 7 functions of mild to wild vibrations depending on what you're in the mood for. How you control those vibrations is entirely up to you.

Thanks to the included remote, you or your partner can take full control of the power, making it the perfect couple's toy!

The stretchy yet durable ring fits snuggly around the penis to help achieve a bigger bulge and longer-lasting erection, with a premium silicone material for body-safe use, easy cleaning and an overall smooth, enjoyable experience.

Fear not about getting wet because the circuit is waterproof - so go ahead and enjoy! The USB charging cable allows you to conveniently power the product and have it ready to go whenever passion awaits! Experience pleasure in motion with LUX Active's Circuit!

Key Features:

  • Vibrating Cock Ring.
  • 7 Vibrating Functions (Mild to Wild).
  • Included Remote Control.
  • Perfect for Couples Play.
  • 100% Premium Silicone Material.
  • Stretchy Yet Durable.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • Included Travel Bag.
  • Long runtime (50 mins).
  • Waterproof (ring only, not remote)