Mystim Oh-Pushme Vagina - Black


You will experience the perfect sexual sensation with Oh PUSH ME Vagina. The realistically formed, vaginal-shaped sleeve lets you increase the speed automatically with your "gear stick" because the super-soft, slinky and ultrasensitive material invites you on extraordinary spins. Depending on whether you like longer or shorter rides: Your ladykiller can be tuned! Press the narrowing area to constrict the hot barrel. By adjusting the air slide you can also regulate how strongly your penis is sucked in. With this riding style, you will certainly reach the finish line and a champagne shower is also guaranteed!

Usage: All you need is some lubricant and off you go. By adjusting the air slide, you can regulate how hard firm lips are supposed to absorb your penis. You'll be surprised what an enormous pull she has thanks to this air vent. If you want to make it even tighter, simply squeeze the masturbator a little and it will meet you even more.

Cleaning & Care: All parts can be thoroughly cleaned with water and a mild soap. Before putting the Oh PUSH ME back together or using it again, you should allow it to dry completely. A skin-friendly disinfectant is a good idea at regular intervals. To maintain the velvety feeling of your Oh PUSH ME for a long time, always use a special care powder.

One Year Warranty.