Neon Wand Purple Elec-Red Handle


Remember the giant electric globes that you used to put your hands on and feel like a mad scientist? Watching the colorful electrical current and feeling that tingling charge as you ran your hands all around the ball? Well, the Neon Wand has taken that same energy and harnessed it into a titillating tool for sensation play!

With the specially designed glass attachments and the multi-level control dial, you are able to focus that electrical charge on any part of the body with sensations that range from a nice warm tingle to more intense sensations.

No moving parts inside the durable long-lasting solid-state wand, it allows for the consistent discharge of electrical current.

With lower maximum settings, even the most intense sensation does not quite reach painful levels, making this a great choice for beginners or intermediate and advanced users looking for the more sensual aspect of electric wands.

  • The electrical charge glows color in the dark
  • Not meant for internal use
  • Compact and very lightweight
  • Complete with four different glass attachments (Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90 Probe, Tongue Tube) each offers a different sensation and thrill to experiment with.
  • A booklet of fun ideas is also included.