Nicola Massage Sucking Rabbit


Pretty Love Nicola Massage Sucking Rabbit

This gorgeous Silicone 24 Function Clit Suction Rabbit Vibrator is the perfect new addition to your cupboard of naughty nighttime toys. Massage your g-spot with the curved shaft and thicker tip to send you into a mind-numbing, sheet-clenching frenzy.

The silicone will feel sensational against your skin, whilst the suction stimulator will increase your sensitivity and create luscious tremors throughout your whole body. By stimulating oral sex to your clitoris and labia, this pretty pink vibrator will heighten your sensitivity, leading to more intense and pleasurable orgasms.

Have hours of never-ending fun - just recharge your vibrator when your power is running low and get your buzz on whenever you need it.

  • Material: Silicone. ABS.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Dimensions: Overall Length - 9.45 inches.
  • Width of vibrator - 1.37 inches.
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty.