Orange Is The New Black - Spanky Junior


What a great little paddle for pink-bottom fun!  Its ergonomic handle creates an easy grip, and its smooth paddle surface provides just the right mix of pleasure and pain.

The paddle is partially padded, so you can easily control the “sting” of the swat.

Perfect for beginning BDSM fun, and with those sexy orange accents that help make Orange is the New Black the leading line in light pleasure/pain play.


  • Elegant
  • Erotic
  • Exciting
  • Economical


     Color: Black with orange stitching
     Materials: Soft, plush leatherette
     Features: Sturdy stitching; high-end leatherette, two-sided, slightly padded;               body-safe; splash resistant
     Product Size: 4" W x 7" L x .25" D