Oxballs Pighole Squeal FF Hollow Plug, Blue


Gnarly huge fuckplug in platinum silicone

PIGHOLE SQUEAL FF is our biggest pluggable, toyable hollow plug. This is a big toy for advanced butt-pluggers and FFisting pros.

The veiny outside texture keeps this plug in place, the inner texture rings are for more pleasure. We hand pour these in small batches in Los Angeles—it's the only way to get the warm glossy liquid silicone finish—Platinum Cure silicone, it's the absolute best for feel and flexibility.

Just the right stretch, keeps the hole open, it doesn't collapse, but is flexible enough to fold for insertion.

  • Pure Platinum Liquid Cure silicone, hand-poured in Los Angeles
  • Our “FF” size is always our biggest toy—designed for extreme hole-fetishists
  • Outside texture holds toy where you put it
  • Inside texture for more sensation
  • Flared base fits AND stretches for inserting toys