Promescent Delay Wipes - 15ct


The best just got better. Promescent Delay Wipes offers a convenient and ultra discreet way to last longer in bed. 

Promescent Delay Wipes pack some of the same proven technology as Promescent Delay Spray, recognized by experts as America's number one over-the-counter treatment option for premature ejaculation. Each delay wipe comes individually wrapped to easily take them on the go with application being easier than ever. 

What's the difference between the wipes and the spray?

  • Delay Wipes: Promescent wipes use 7% benzocaine as a desensitizing agent and are applied via a small, individually wrapped towelette. While the wipes are much more convenient to travel with or bring on a night out, they do not have the same super efficacy of the Delay Spray as it is much more concentrated than what can be put into a wipe. 
  • Delay Spray: Promescent lidocaine spray uses patented technology that has special characteristics which gives users superior results. For users experiencing moderate to severe premature ejaculation (<2 minutes), it is recommended to choose the spray format. For those lasting 5 minutes or longer, it is recommended to give both the spray and the wipe options a try to see which suits needs best.