SpareParts Tomboi Harness Red/Black Nylon XXS


Bold and assertive, Tomboi's about play on your own terms whenever, however. With a bold attitude and athletic cut, Tomboi harness briefs from SpareParts deliver a smooth shot of sex appeal and get right to the chase: let's do this. And it's hard to say no, because this bad boi smashes the very boundaries of pleasure, from the super-durable O-ring to the drive-'em-wild mini-vibe pockets.

Tomboi slides on and off smoothly, without any chafing buckles, dangling straps, pinched skin, or other baggage to get in the way.

Lightweight, breathable fabric means you can wear it all day long, and the hidden inside pocket stashes away anything from condoms to cash. Plus, Tomboi in nylon spandex is 100% water-friendly. Go ahead, get 'em wet.

Turn up the pleasure. Two internal mini-vibe pockets (vibes not included) are stitched above and below the O-ring - just beyond bodily contact - to send the perfect pulse of pleasure to both partners. (It's good to be generous.)

O ring measures 1.25 -2.25" in diameter or 3.92-7.07" in circumference.

Care Instructions: Please wash before use. Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle (launder bag recommended if machine washing). Line dry, lay flat, or tumble dry at low temperature.

Sizes and Measurements

Waist Band:

  • XXS: 24" - 30"
  • XS: 26" - 32"
  • S: 28" - 34"
  • M: 30" - 37"
  • L: 31" - 38"
  • XL: 33" - 40"
  • 2X: 36" - 44"
  • 3X: 39" - 48"
  • 4X: 40" - 50"
  • 5X: 42" - 52"