Sport Fucker Ultra Sound - Metal


Looking to try to bust your final sex cherry? Sounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing fetishes among men. You already spend half of your free time rubbin' and tuggin' on your best appendage. Why not stimulate it from the inside?

Not into traditional medical play? No problem. With our 100% medical grade premium silicone sounds, your best man and its urethra will thank you!

All the metal benefits of an ultra-smooth surface and ability to sterilize without the cold, non-bending attributes of a traditional metal sound.

This great plug has three cylindrical ridges slightly raised wider than the shaft. What makes this plug unique is the curved handle that goes over the head of your cock and rests with its ball right on your frenulum glan.

This is a great sensation of both internal and slight external stimulation. Plus, it looks hot to see the handle sticking out, knowing your throbbing member is stuffed with the Ultra Sound. Be sure to only use these great toys with sterile lube.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: Length: 12.7cm. (5 in.) Ball: 1cm. (4 in.) Shaft: 4.35mm.-4.6mm. (.17-.18 in.) Ridges: 5.1mm-5.2mm (.2-.21 in) Tip: 5.2mm. (.21 in) Distance from ball to shaft: 2.3 cm. (.9 in)